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Wire rope isolators

Stranded metal cables feature unique characteristics with extremely high shock absorption performance.
This performance is the combined result of expertise and control of two non-linear functions:

  • A spring function, generated by elasticity integral to the flexing of a preformed looped cable.
  • A damping function, resulting from relative friction between the cable’s wires and strands.

Exceptional qualities

  • Excellent combined shock and vibration isolation.
  • High level of internal damping.
  • Very wide temperature range.
  • Exceptional ruggedness and lifespan.
  • No creep or ageing.
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals, seawater, ozone, UV light, etc.
  • Wide range of possible assemblies
  • Fast, cost-efficient prototyping


At Socitec. We provide all-metal, multi-directional Helical wire rope isolators with exceptional endurance and reliability, high adaptability, excellent resistance, and other great features. It comes in standard models of 6, 8, or 10 cable loops, and you can always request a special model. Socitec took care of everything you need in your anti-vibration helical wire rope isolator to secure protection for your equipment, So, we encourage you to order your isolator Now!
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Half Helical

Socitec offers multi-directional isolators, with many remarkable features such as exceptional endurance and reliability, high adaptability, excellent corrosion resistance, and much more. These isolators come in standard models of four cable loops, and you can always request a special model. Check out the following qualities of the Half Helical wire rope isolator then book your cable isolator Now!
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We offer these all-metal, multi-directional polycal wire rope isolators which have some unique features such as high endurance and reliability, excellent corrosion resistance, and no aging. You can get them at a great price now from Socitec, keep reading more specifications and information, then order your polycal wire rope isolator that will solve your problem.
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At Socitec, we help you protect your equipment from shock and absorption of vibration. You can find these unique all-metal multi-directional Axycal shock and vibration wire rope isolators. We provide these isolators with high endurance, no aging, excellent resistance to corrosion, a wide usage temperature range, and a lot more. Axycal shock and vibration wire rope isolators will serve you exactly as you need. Before ordering one, read more specifications so you can find the perfect Axycal Wire Rope Isolators for you.
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Naval Range

At Socitec, as a leader in shock and vibration control solutions, we offer you, different models of Naval Wire Rope Isolators. These isolators typically use on naval vessels for the protection of non-deck mounted shipboard equipment against underwater shock and ship. Naval Wire Rope Isolators are excellent for any application that requires water flow whereby they include many remarkable features such as, exceptional reliability, long life, high damping, corrosion resistance, and more. Get your Isolator quickly now!
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Polycal spring

Socitec provides you with Polycal Spring shock and vibration isolators. These isolators contain some noteworthy features such as exceptional reliability, long life, high damping, corrosion resistance, no aging, and much more. Polycal Springs are suitable for direct isolation of rotating and vibrating machinery or passive isolation of sensitive equipment. Keep reading for more information and qualities, then contact us to book your order now.
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Tuned mass damper

This Tuned Mass Damper is an excellent isolator used to reduce the vibration on tubes and pipes that equips motors, pumps, or other equipment which may generate vibrations. Tuned Mass Damper has a wide array of remarkable features, such as high lifetime, smooth to install, and much more. Contact us to provide you with the best isolator for your application
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