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Our Services

Socitec brings you comprehensive technical assistance, we offer various services related to the field of shocks and vibrations. we guide and advise you on improving the quality and lifespan of your products, seismic qualification, and preparing and carrying out test campaigns.

Our shock and vibration expertise

Socitec has established a team of professional engineers and experts with years of experience in this shock and vibration isolators industry. When in operation or during logistic activities, equipment is subject to constant vibrations that can reduce its lifespan and make it less effective. Our engineers have developed extensive expertise in protecting equipment and estimating its lifespan.

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Overall analysis and simulation of the structure’s behaviour


Establishment of technical specification of requirements and feasibility study


Choice of the most suitable technology, geometrics, standard or special model


Final simulation of the proposed solution and any validation tests on prototypes


Qualification tests conforming with civil and military standards

Socitec’s Services

Our company has done its best during the last fifty years to provide the best analysis services for shock, vibration, and seismic loading. Whether you need an engineering consultant regarding shocks measurement or a simple fix in your navy equipment, we will figure out the best dynamic solutions for you. Our services include vibration analysis, seismic testing, construction management, and laboratory simulation.