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Wire rope isolators Polycal spring

Socitec provides you with Polycal Spring shock and vibration isolators. These isolators contain some noteworthy features such as exceptional reliability, long life, high damping, corrosion resistance, no aging, and much more. Polycal Springs are suitable for direct isolation of rotating and vibrating machinery or passive isolation of sensitive equipment. Keep reading for more information and qualities, then contact us to book your order now.

Qualities :

  • All metal low frequencies anti-vibration, mounts for vertical loading
  • Exceptional reliability and long life
  • High damping at resonance
  • No ageing
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Unequalled temperature range : -180°C to + 300°C (-290F to 300F)
  • Great adaptability / versatility


Our engineers calculate the model and define the solution that best corresponds to your vibration problem, depending on the compression and traction on the level and at 45 degrees, the shear strain and roll.

Contact our consultants and determine the right model for your requirements.