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Protection of surge arrestors and generators at a nuclear power station

Since the Fukushima disaster, the seismic range considered in nuclear power plant design has become much more demanding. The big challenge was to come up with an alternative to the standard spring box for protecting nuclear power station equipment and ensuring that strategic equipment works effectively under extreme conditions.

Socitec has devised a decoupling system that uses wire rope isolators because of its high capabilities. This form of the spire-rolled cable has a lot of flexibility, damping capacity, significant deformation, and dissipation that is not affected by temperature, humidity, or any chemical agents and can therefore last as long as the equipment it protects.

SYMOS, dynamic modeling of equipment’s reaction to seismic waves

As a result of years of researching and developing, Socitec has developed extensive expirte in the dynamic modeling of equipment. Socitec has used SYMOS software to model the equipment mounted on isolators, represented by elastic liaisons with properties of stiffness and non-linear isolation, to produce cable isolator suspension for a surge arrestor in seismic conditions.

Our SYMOS software is also used to integrate a variety of isolation models (viscous, dry rubbing, structural, etc.) to create highly elaborate models. Cotact us now to learn more about SYMOS software.

Seismic vulnerability of Substations

Substations are critical components of the electric grid system that ensures a safe and reliable source of power to everyday consumers. Some substation has a tall and slender design which can that can be extremely vulnerable to seismic vibrations.

For that, Socitec’s wire rope isolators have been used to solve this problem.

The wire rope isolators we offer have proved their efficiency because of their magnificent features in absorb seismic vibrations and dissipate them without bottoming out thanks to their inherent damping, low stiffness, and high deflection capability.
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