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Embarked systems protection

As a result of years of researching and developing, Socitec has developed solid expertise in the naval construction (shipbuilding) industry. We provide several cable isolators that can be used to reinforce the isolation of critical military equipment against depth-charge attacks like embarked electronics, control systems, sensitive equipment, and much more. .

On the other flip of the coin, our range of elastomer mounts can reduce the overall acoustic signature of buildings by vibration decoupling of equipment like engines, turbines, pumps, and so on. Contact us today for any consultation.


Socitec has broadened its expertise to serve its clients and meet their particular needs, such as protecting military ships’ liferaft evacuation systems against chocks and underwater explosions.

It has proposed a decoupling system with wire rope isolators. This choice was made based on calculations that stood on MIL-S-901D tests to ensure that the system operates normally following an underwater explosion shock. Not to mention that these tests have also enabled Socitec to optimize and verify the mechanical strength of the system structure.

We pride ourselves on leading the track of the shock and vibration isolators industry.
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