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Elastomeric mounts

While cable isolators are generally the best option for combined passive dampening of shocks and vibrations and for aggressive environments, rubber is the preferred solution when the priority is vibration isolation and acoustic discretion.

Elastomer mounts are widely used to filter vibrations of a level that is insufficient to overcome a wire rope isolator’s dry friction component. They are particularly effective for isolating solid-borne sound transmitted by rotating machinery (generators, pumps, motors, compressors, turbines, fan units, etc.).

What’s best: cable or elastomer?

Our response: come up with the right solution for our customers.

Socitec employs these two complementary technologies with very different performances to offer a wide choice of solutions, by:

  • playing on the nature of the materials (elastomer, aluminium, stainless steel, etc.)
  • suggesting specific cable arrangements (shape, number of loops, etc.)
  • adapting the interfaces or integrating them into units


Socitec offers several variations of multi-directional elastomer mounts for transport, these isolators include great features, such as their wide temperature range, high adaptability, resonance frequency up to 14 Hz, and much more. These shock absorbers come in four types, keep reading more specifications to pick the best transport elastomer mounts for you. Don't hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions.
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Socitec is designed these marine elastomer mounts for the navy that conducts military operations at sea. These marine isolators include exceptional features, such as their multi-directional isolation, wide temperature range, high adaptability, and much more. Socitec prides itself on producing different five specific ranges of marine elastomeric isolators and you can always request a special model. Request your isolator Now!
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Schwingmetall product range

Socitec is designed these SCHWINGMETALL elastomer mounts especially for engines, machines, and power generators to reduce impacts, and in torsionally flexible couplings. These elastomer vibration isolators are made of rubber and metal, and they hold unique features, such as their noise absorption, reduction of acceleration, and much more, they are perfect for your needs. Request your Special isolator model Now!
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