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Protection of embarked equipment

Rail vibration isolation mounts are crucially significant since they are both safer and more energy-efficient. It is also necessary for the vehicle’s operation and the solution of traffic management issues. These devices with many other different types of equipment are installed under trains like geolocation tags, brake systems, and compressors. Isolators are essential to ensure effective operation and maximum lifespan because the equipment is subject to large vibrations, especially when placed on bogies.
If you want to protect any equipment, Contact us, Socitec is here to serve you!

Reduced railway noise for neighboring residents

In partnership with Schrey&Veit, a company that specialized in designs dynamic broadband vibration absorbers, Socitec offers many solutions to reduce the noise emitted by railway tracks, wheels, and even bridges to ensure train movement safety and railway noise.

Furthermore, the rail absorbers were authorized by the SNCF; the wheel absorbers that we offer will be used to equip the tramway in the town of Orléans.

Also, in summer 2017, Socitec has equipped metal bridges at Versailles Chantiers station outside Paris by using dynamic vibration absorbers to reduce their low-frequency noise emissions.