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Containers in contaminated power plant zones

At Socitec, we use dynamic application fields such as; compressed spring systems, swing, and rolling bridges for high-risk transportation of nuclear fuel and manufacturing nuclear containers in contaminated power plant zones.

When our company manufactures containers for nuclear purposes, our research and development team studies the metal parts in the system. Also, our engineers conduct finite element calculations to verify the different constraints resulting from the environment. Contact Socitec in case you need the safest solution.

High-risk transportation of nuclear fuel

Within the nuclear isolation systems field, Socitec also worked in the high-risk transportation of nuclear fuel. Our company has participated in calculating and placing isolators for transporting fuel rods. It was indispensable not to generate excessively high constraints to ensure secure transportation.

We developed special cable isolators and subjected them to series of tests to guarantee the logistics of the nuclear fuel. Choose Socitec now to help you solve your problem.