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Reduced shock and vibration from industrial presses and forging hammers

Societc has worked on providing high-quality products and developing efficient solutions that can respond to many complex environments.
At many workshops, shock and vibration generated by presses, forging hammers, and other equipment can lead to many issues. :

  • Disturbance of employee due to shock, vibration, and noise
  • Disturbance of neighbors due to shock, vibration, and noise
  • Interference with the operation of common workshop equipment, such as machining centers and metrology equipment

Like disturbance of employees and neighbors and Interference with the operation of common workshop equipment. Thus, Socitec provides an integrating and isolating solution for press and hammer installation to protect the environment from the equipment’s dynamic forces.

750 kilojoule Forging Hammer Successfully Isolated

The vibrations of the large forging hammer shown in the photo had destroyed an earlier isolation system after 6-7 years. Because of the efficiency of our MRM isolation systems, one of our clients ordered this system after the failure of the previous hammer system that was disturbing the factory neighbors over a block away.

Our MRM Isolation system has many features such as :

  • Superior dynamic response to shock forces
  • Predictable stiffness characteristics
  • Increased durability and longer life
  • Faster, easier installations

As a result, After installing the MRM system on the forge hammer, the vibration levels were reduced to the president of the company could no longer detect whether the functioning of the hammer was running from his desk.


With a history of more than five decades in the manufacturing of shock and vibration isolators. Socitec prides itself on offering customized various products in that sector.

One of Socitec’s products is also present in the audiovisual field. The wire rope isolators are used to stabilize the camera when she is moving to obtain a stable image. Contact us to learn more about our solutions.