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Assemblies MIL-S-901D 19" Cabinet

At Socitec, we have partnered up with PENTAIR to offer our clients a customized cabinet that corresponds to most underwater shock and vibration specifications. Socitec offers you this cabinet which is a version of the Varistar standard and combines contemporary requirements. Our cabinets are designed to work with many available accessories and come in multiple sizes. Read the details and order your customized cabinet quickly!

Qualities :

  • Efficient cable or elastomer suspension for COTS equipment
  • 19” format
  •  Multiple sizes available (height & depth)
  • Wide range of accessories available
  • Shorter design and delivery times
  • Suitable to stand up to EMC or HF
  • Conforms to RoHs directive


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19" MIL-S-901D Cabinets