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Socitec accompanies high-tech sectors and develops unusual solutions to meet the challenges they face.

Embarked systems protection – land applications

Socitec offers many applications that help in providing an efficient shock and vibration solution. Socitec has equipped army shelters with electronic systems, including gas detection and radioactivity detection, to protect them from shocks and vibrations that occur during transport.

Socitec’ engineers carried out a series of tests including vibration levels, shock and drop simulations, taking into account specific defence standards like MIL-STD-810. Moreover, integrated isolation solutions were specifically developed in line with environmental constraints and the operational requirements of the field. If you need any equipment protection services, look no further than Socitec.

Handling and transportation of sensitive equipment

As a leader in the shock and vibration isolators industry, Socitec has established a solid track record in that industry. We provide our clients with certificated products based on a strict set of criteria. Also, we provide them with high-quality equipment for handling and transportation sensitive equipment such as transport trolleys and racks.

This container’s equipment can protect munitions or sensitive material against shocks and vibration during transport and handling. When it comes to protecting your sensitive equipment, let Socitec take care of everything you need.