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Data loggers EnDaL smart data logger

Socitec provides compact data loggers with GPS tracking for monitoring shock and environmental conditions during transport. These data loggers come with Two models; MONI LOG® EnDaL smart, and MONI LOG EnDaL curve.

EnDaL smart is a small, easy-to-use, and versatile data logger. It monitors sensitive goods on long transport routes and in critical environments, such as transformers, generators, switchgear or fragile optics, medical or automotive components.

EnDaL curve is a highly versatile modifiable data logger that records mechanical shocks, temperatures, and air humidity at the same time, over a long period of time. In addition, the time sequence for up to 20 acceleration peak values is stored. Also, it’s small, lightweight, robust with universal accessories, and includes powerful analysis software.

Both models contain sensors that measure shocks, temperature, humidity, and air pressure when transporting. For more information download the datasheets below, in order to select the best data logger that will help you monitor, and control your shock and track temperature, humidity, and much more data. Order your Data logger today!


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