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Socitec development and research effort lead the company to expand in over thirty countries. Over time the equipment is subject to constant vibration that may lead to less efficiency. Our expert engineer evolves great experience in vibration and shock measurements to verify that the products will remain in good condition. Also, to develop new products, Socitec has the means to hold testing in its laboratories, including 150 KN static testing presses and 10 KN dynamic hydraulic jacks, 10 KN dynamic hydraulic jack, mechanical characterization and, endurance.

In addition to modal analysis, shaker unit and, vibration and shock tests.

We conduct suitable shock and vibration testing based on your machinery and its condition.

Laboratory measurements

To develop new products, Socitec also possesses the expertise and means to carry out comprehensive testing in its laboratories:

  • 150 KN static testing press and 10 KN dynamic hydraulic jack (mechanical characterisation, fatigue)
  • 10 KN dynamic hydraulic jack: mechanical characterisation, endurance
  • Modal analysis
  • Shaker unit: vibration and shock tests