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Cabinets – Rack mounts

A customized cabinet for your needs can be quickly developed and validated by simple digital simulation to avoid often long and costly testing in the lab.

Based on the dimensions and weight of the cabinet adapted to house your equipment, a suspension is defined to take into account mechanical environments and the content of components.

The structure is then validated by finite element methods based on a model realigned against the actual test.


  • Production of a calculation model of the suspension response, grid and calculation of constraints.
  • Choice of the most suitable suspension.
  • Tests in line with norms.
  • Calculation/test overlap and validation of solution.

MIL-S-901D 19" Cabinet

At Socitec, we have partnered up with PENTAIR to offer our clients a customized cabinet that corresponds to most underwater shock and vibration specifications. Socitec offers you this cabinet which is a version of the Varistar standard and combines contemporary requirements. Our cabinets are designed to work with many available accessories and come in multiple sizes. Read the details and order your customized cabinet quickly!
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Rack mounts

Socitec offers these anti-vibration rack mounts. They come with significant features such as a wide temperature range, excellent resistance to corrosion, great electrical conductivity, exceptional reliability and adaptability, and much more. You can always request special materials, sizes, and interfaces. At Socitec satisfied your need is always our priority. Order your shock rack mount today!
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